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The Theology Discussion Board:
For anybody simply arriving at this point from a search engine index, the main website references associated with this discussion board are:


It is recognise that religion is an emotive subject, especially if it is your beliefs that are under the microscope. However, this website was based on the simple concept of searching for truthful answers based on 3 principles laid out in an article entitled `The Ethics of Belief` by William K Clifford:

o     Duty of Inquiry
o     Weight of Authority
o     Limits of Inference

It is hoped that the `duty of inquiry` is being applied equally to all topics, although the definition of the ‘weight of authority’ may be subjective in the case of theology. However, there does appear to be examples, in both science and theology, where the `limits of inference` has been exceeded. Unfortunately, this situation is often compounded when speculation becomes fact and education is reduced to indoctrination.

First, by way of a general, albeit premature declaration, science does not yet, and possibly never will have all the answers. We may also have to accept that most people have an inherent emotional need to believe that there is some `higher` purpose to life. However, this said, where historical facts can be checked; they should be taken into account. Equally, the physical impossibility or improbability of some assumed event having occurred has also to be taken into account, when judging the weight of authority. Lastly, there is no blasphemy in honest inquiry. On this basis, it is hoped that this forum might engage in open-minded discussion.

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I'm also new. My name is Andreson & from US, recently joins this board for making knowledge & share ideas in this board!
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By way of information to new members, the main website attached to this forum
can be found via the following link. Discussions concerning theology are under the
the 'Worldview/Perspective' section.

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