February 5, 2010.

I showed last year that a so-called Alpha Observer whose speed is intermediate between that of two material bodies, for example Twin A and Twin B, may better explain Relativity paradoxes such as the Twin Paradox and the Train and Tunnel Paradox. For scientists who are well aware of the Lorentz transformations, this should be obvious in those two videos which I am very proud of:



One may easily check that the contraction according to a .866 factor and the 5 second time shift (beta = 0.5) are transferred from A to B. The important point is that the unmoving scale is the same for all of them. Below is an image of the amazing symmetrical results.

The Lorentz transformations.


Those images are a decisive demonstration that the space and time transformation concept is absurd. Thanks to the Alpha "conciliator", the same space and time units are available for all of them. Twins A and B must consider that the Alpha observer is stationary with respect to the aether and that they are both moving in opposite directions. Thus, they must agree that they are undergoing the Lorentz transformations at the same rate so that their space and time units are identical. They will surprisingly obtain correct and compatible space and time results for both of them instead of opposite and reciprocal ones, which up to now lead to paradoxes. The only remaining problem is that they still cannot say for sure what is really going on. This incertitude is very likely to remain forever.

Fields of force contain energy.

But this is only the tip of the iceberg. Surely, Relativity is no longer a theory and it should finally be recognized as a law of nature. It is not relevant in order to study the fundamentals of matter mechanics, though. It is useful in order to predict the effects but it does not not explain the main cause, which is the Doppler effect and more exactly, the Lorentz transformations. Because matter is made of waves, scientists must now focus on fields of force such as magnetic, electrostatic, gluonic, etc., which are responsible for all forces including gravity.

Matter is mainly made out of strong gluonic fields of force containing energy according to: E = mc2.

Energy is important.

The point is that the Alpha speed is that of all those fields of force, which are made out of standing waves. Nowadays, it is well known that "standing" waves can move. If the Doppler effect is that of Lorentz, the nodes and antinodes surprisingly move at the Alpha speed. This appears to be a significant leap forward in understanding matter. After all, the fundamentals or Wave Mechanics were initiated by Louis de Broglie almost a century ago. Unfortunately, this promising science was wrongfully renamed Quantum Mechanics.

Nowadays, scientist are well aware that matter exhibits wave properties. But they are still reluctant to consider true waves. Let's face it, the wave structure of matter must be linked to optical phenomena such as the Airy disk and the Fresnel-Fraunhofer diffraction pattern. The Wave Mechanics should be linked to the Lorentz transformations, that is to say a very special Doppler effect which leads to a totally new science: Motion Optics.

This new approach is worth being studied because all physical phenomena become easily explainable. Whatever its speed through the aether, which remains perfectly acceptable, indeed essential, matter still acts and reacts as though it was stationary. Surprisingly, this was Henri Poincare's conclusion in 1904:

"The laws of physical phenomena are the same, whether for an observer fixed, or for an observer carried along in a uniform movement of translation, so that we have not or cannot have any means of discerning whether or not we are carried along in such a motion."

This statement needs a little modification: the laws of physical phenomena are apparently the same. Below is a video showing that fields of force, which are made out of standing waves, are moving at the Alpha speed:


Here is the FreeBASIC program: Alpha_Field_of_Force_5c.bas

Please observe the standing wave behavior in the central in-box. This node and antinode structure is characteristic of standing waves and it remains the same in spite of the fact that the system is moving at the Alpha speed. Those are still "standing" waves as seen from the Alpha inertial frame of reference, but they are actually moving with respect to the aether.

On the one hand, antinodes definitely represent limits through which energy cannot pervade. Obviously, the wave energy is moving at the Alpha speed. On the other hand, as seen from the Alpha inertial frame of reference, the nodes seem to contain the same energy in spite of the contraction. But they actually contain more energy. That is why Lorentz predicted that moving matter should exhibit a higher mass and inertia.

The moving wave generator produces a Doppler effect which is compatible with the Lorentz transformations. The main characteristic is that the frequency slows down in accordance with Lorenz's contraction factor g. The consequence is a perfect symmetry. Waves emitted forward and backward are compressed and dilated according to the same ratio R. In this example:

Electron speed:  beta = 0.5 = v / c

Lorentz's contraction factor:  g = 0.8660254 = Sqr(1 beta) ^ 2

Alpha = 0.267949 = (1 g) / beta

Forward contraction:  0.57735 = (1 beta) / g

Backward dilation:  1.73205 = (1 + beta) / g

As compared to the stationary electron, the forward or backward wavelength ratio R is the same:

R = 1.73205 = 1 / 0.57735

R = 1.73205 = 1.73205 / 1

The wavelength ratio R allows one to recover the Alpha speed following another path:

Alpha = (R 1) / (R + 1) = 0.267949

Because of this symmetry, the moving observer is unable to find out whether he is moving or not. Christian Doppler had already discovered in 1842 (a century before I was born!) that no Doppler effect is perceptible if both the emitter and the receiver are moving along together. The sound waves do not behave like the light waves, though. It is still possible to determine the speed of wind by observing the standing wave contraction, which occurs according to g squared. One may also measure the forward vs. backward wavelength ratio, which is not symmetrical and occurs more simply according to 1 beta et 1 + beta. In the case of light, however, such a comparison is no longer possible because the frequency slows down. As a result, the standing wave contraction occurs only according to g, not g squared. In addition, our measuring devices contract according to g the same way standing waves do.

That is why, whatever its speed through the aether, the Michelson interferometer always yields a null result. It is that simple, it is what Lorentz found and hence, physicists who rashly and recklessly argue that the aether doesn't exist are definitely wrong. The point is that nobody ever demonstrated that Lorentz's theory was incorrect.

What's more, because the unmoving electron frequency is constant, the standing wave contraction inside the fields of force is given by:

Field of force contraction:  0.73205 = 1 alpha

Here, in my judgment, we have evident (and magnificent) proof that Lorentz's theory is correct. The Alpha observer is postulated to be stationary with respect to the Aether, even though he is not. In his picture, the field contraction is merely that of waves incoming from two electrons moving towards him at the same alpha speed. One electron being truly stationary, this observer is actually moving and he is undergoing a contraction according to Lorentz's factor g. In spite of that, he correctly observes that the speed difference between electrons A and B is half of the speed of light: beta = 0.5. In this example, alpha = 0.267949.

Lorentz's contraction factor for Alpha: g = Sqr(1 alpha) ^ 2 = 0.963433

Wavelength contraction (forward):  0.759836 = (1 alpha) / g

However, the Alpha observer is contracted:

Correctly measured field contraction: g * (1 alpha) / g = 0,73205 = 1 alpha


Let's admit it: the Alpha frame of reference is definitely the best one. It should be the preferred one. The aether wind remains impossible to detect, but Lorentz's Relativity becomes much more consistent. From the Alpha point of view, space and time units never change. Why bothering with space and time transformations? It is totally useless.

Below is a transposition of the same phenomenon for a faster speed: v / c = 0.707


And here is the FreeBASIC program: Alpha_Field_of_Force_7c.bas


This phenomenon has a remarkable consequence. The Alpha speed being that of all fields of force, two electrons are still repelling one another whatever their speed with respect to the aether. And positrons (or protons) still attract electrons in spite of their individual motion. It is postulated in these pages that electrons and positrons are synchronized and absolutely identical, the only difference being spin: 0*pi and pi phase shifts for the electron, pi/2 and 3*pi/2 phase shifts for the positron. Obviously, because the electron frequency slows down according to Lorentz's factor, this phase difference is seriously disturbed when particles move. 

 As seen from the electrostatic field of force, however, particles remain perfectly synchronized because they seem to move at the same speed. Their apparent phase is preserved. It is also the case for waves incoming from an electron and a positron. In this case, the node and antinode structure is lambda/4 shifted and the waves are finally returned with a lambda/2 phase difference so that the attracting effect is maintained.

That is why electrostatic forces still work normally whatever the speed. All other fields of force also behave normally. In short, the relative speed, not the absolute speed, is to be considered. Inside matter, though, electrons and positrons are closely bound together according to a precise wavelength. They form gluonic fields and there is no speed difference any more. In this case, the alpha speed is simply that of moving matter but the resulting standing waves still contract the same way matter does. They exhibit a phase wave according to de Broglie. Their frequency also slows down according to Lorentz factor g so that matter contracts according to g. 

Finally, the Alpha inertial frame of reference being the preferred one, all this is remarkably consistent with Newton's laws on condition that the Lorentz transformations are taken into account. Believe it or not, Newton's laws can and must be retrieved because they are still compatible with Relativity. Fast motion is not and objection any more. During the 19th century, scientists were quite clever because they already found that:

« The aether offers no opposition to motion. »

January 15, 2010.

I discovered the Alpha intermediate speed. It is that of the preferred frame of reference and it allows one to explain the Twin Paradox and the Train and Tunnel Paradox as well. When it is applied to my Time Scanner, as shown below, one may also observe more accurately how the Lorentz transformations work. This video sequence shows that, indisputably, Lorentz's equations just produce or cancel the Doppler effect.


This video shows this phenomenon more accurately:  Time_Scanner_Doppler.mkv

Here is the FreeBASIC program which produced those images: Time_Scanner_2.bas

Lorentz's goal was to cancel the Doppler effect which occurred in a moving frame of reference.

This is exactly what my Time Scanner does, yet in a much more efficient manner.


I could obtain the required Doppler effect thanks to Lorentz's reversed equations below:

Lorentz's original form may be obtained by extracting the x variable from the first equation shown above:

x = (x' beta * t) / Sqr(1 beta ^ 2)


Lorentz's original equations.

It should be pointed out that x and t stand for magnitudes in the moving frame of reference.  


Lorentz's equations are much similar to Voigt's ones, which were elaborated in 1887. Their goal was to cancel the Doppler effect so that Maxwell's equations would become invariant.

On the one hand, Lorentz did not realize that x and t should stand for magnitudes in the unmoving frame of reference, which is obviously the preferred one because it is stationary with respect to the aether. He preserved Voigt's approach. Because of this negligence, his equations remained incomprehensible ever since.

On the other hand, while trying to invert Lorentz's equations as shown above, one obtains t instead of t' in the first equation and x instead of x' in the second one. This occurs because Lorentz's idea was to artificially transform space and time. He was fully aware that it was just a mathematical artifice, but Poincare and Einstein really considered such an absurdity. As a matter of fact, Lorentz's variables x and t stand for the electron wavelength and wave period, but at that time Lorentz was unaware of this.

A 1/2 lambda circular surface with a sinusoidal distribution is needed in order to obtain the standard 3/4 lambda central core for the 2-D wave generator. My computer RAM is still insufficient to obtain the full lambda 3-D core. My future computer (about 16 GB required) will hopefully solve this problem. However, you may examine the program source code to check that my inverted equations really produce all of the four effects below:

1 The contraction of the wave generator area according to: g * x.

2 The translation motion of the wave generator according to: + beta * t.

3 The slower frequency or pulsation cycle according to: g * t.

4 The variable pulsation phase according to: beta * x.


Obviously, those effects are consistent with my reversed equations:

x' = g * x + beta * t

t' = g * t beta * x

It turns out that my reversed equations are far more understandable and easy to use than Lorentz's. Actually, there is no other way to obtain a perfect Doppler effect: they are simply unavoidable. As shown above, if the Doppler effect is canceled using my Time Scanner, one obtains perfect regular waves. In addition, the Alpha observer may use absolute space and time units because they remain the same during the transformation process. Clearly, there is no space-time transformation. This idea is absurd.

Besides, if there is no Doppler effect, the Time Scanner or the Lorentz transformations may induce a Doppler effect instead. Additionally, the scan direction may be reversed as well. As a matter of fact, Henri Poincare released a symmetrical equation set whose goal was to produce similar reversible effects. The important point is that Poincare never admitted that matter really contracts. Even worse, he thought that optical phenomena occur according to the relative speed. He was wrong because facts are absolute. The moving observer is simply fooled by the Doppler effect.

It is well admitted that a given wavelength or wave period duration is a good reference for establishing space or time units. But those are only measures, they certainly do not represent space and time as real entities.

Why on earth would anyone invoke a space and time transformation? It is totally absurd and useless. Those results indicate that Lorentz was right and hence, they show that Poincare and Einstein were wrong. They prove that Lorenz had good reasons to think that matter really contracts. There is no space contraction. Similarly, there is no time dilation: clocks just tick slower. The important point is that Lorentz was unaware that matter exhibits wave properties. It is a well known fact nowadays, though. Thus, the final step is to realize that matter waves undergo the Doppler effect, more exactly the Lorentz transformations. 

Lorentz was a great physicist, perhaps the greatest ever. He won a Nobel prize, but his version of Relativity was wrongfully and hastily rejected in spite of this. It should be reexamined carefully because all experiments up to now prove that it is correct. It is remarkably accurate, explainable and logic. What's more, it leads to a better understanding of matter mechanics.

In 1904, one year before the publication of Einstein's theory, Lorentz had already explained Relativity. Unfortunately, he thereafter encountered a wall of incomprehension. He also had to compete with Einstein's incredibly well oiled celebrity machine, even though Einstein's ideas were wrong and shamefully similar to Poincare's. Alone against a majority of scientists, Lorentz could not explain why matter contracts and he finally abandoned his hypothesis. This is heartbreaking.

Gabriel LaFreniere