Gabriel LaFreniere
"The material Universe is solely made out of Aether"

Gabriel Lafreniere was born 4 October 1942 and died 11 April 2012. He was a pioneer
of the wave structure of matter hypothesis, who published his ideas on his own website.
However, Gabriel's website ceased to exist after his death and therefore the following
pages are a only copy of the English version of Gabriel's website for reference purposes.
While the ideas contained within the following pages have to be described as speculative,
they may yet serve as a reminder that a great truth can begin as blasphemy.

Main Index
01 Matter Waves 12 Electron Phase Shift 23 Quarks
02 The Electron 13 Wave Mechanics 24 Protons
03 Plane Standing Waves 14 Electrostatic Fields 25 Atoms
04 Spherical Standing Waves 15 Nuclear Forces 26 Chemistry
05 Doppler Effect 16 Active and Reactive Mass 27 Wave Theory
06 The Aether 17 Kinetic Energy 28 Wave Theory Postulates
07 Michelson Interferometer 18 Fields of Force 29 Theory of Evolution
08 Lorentz Transformations 19 Fields of Force Dynamics 30 Errors to Correct
09 Time Scanner 20 Magnetic Fields 31 Proofs and Experiences
10 Lorentzian Relativity:1 21 Gravity 32 Huygens Principle
11 Lorentzian Relativity:2 22 Light 33 Conclusion
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