Wave Model Assertions

The MMW model makes a number of assertions that are simply listed for reference at this stage..

  1. Galileo's relativity principle is wrong.
  2. Poincare symmetric equations are wrong
  3. Light waves do not vibrate transversally.
  4. Electromagnetic waves do not exist
  5. Einstein's postulate is wrong
  6. There is an Aether, i.e. a wave fabric of space.
  7. The Kennedy-Thorndyke experiment was wrong
  8. Photons do not exist
  9. Electrons so not orbit the atomic nucleus.
  10. The atomic structure is cubic
  11. Matter and anti-matter do not annihilate
  12. Non-Euclidean  geometry is wrong
  13. Standing wave mechanisms need review
  14. Gravity is not linked to relativity
  15. Perihelion precession of Mercury is caused by mechanical forces
  16. Gravity does not bend space
  17. Gravity does not attract light
  18. Newton's laws can be upgraded
  19. The Big Bang Theory can be disputed
  20. Light is not stopped by matter
  21. Lorentz transformation are a Doppler effect,