Magnetic Fields

According to the wave mechanics, waves traveling in the same direction add constructively or destructively, but they never produce standing waves. On the contrary waves traveling in opposite direction never cancel; they always produce standing waves.

Magnetic poles are emitters or receivers.

If the particle position is inverted, two bipolar one-way systems, as shown above, produce more on-axis standing waves systems between them, hence a secondary magnetic field of force. On the contrary, two identical system will not produce any field of force. This explains magnetic north and south poles. The field of force is amplified by aether waves. The resulting energy is radiated only along the axis because Huygens' wavelets are out of phase for any transverse direction in accordance with the Huygens Principle. As a consequence, any magnetic system emitting waves toward another symmetrical system will push it because of the radiation pressure. However, two opposite poles (north vs. south or inversely) rather produce an attraction effect.