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Posted by: Mysearch, January 7, 2009, 1:57pm
The scope of speculative science can be as wide as mainstream science, possibly wider in the sense that the scope is not always constrained by the evidence or empirical verification. However, these charges can sometimes be levelled at even mainstream science. As such, this section may have to be subdivided into topics. However, in the context of the main website, there are only 3 areas of primary interest:

o     String Theory: which already has it own section and some may reasonably argue is not a speculative but rather now an accepted mainstream science. However, given that it is still understood to be based on mathematics premise of multi-dimensions that have not been verified in anyway, this is clearly debatable.

o     Wave Structure of Matter: This idea is based on the initial work of Milo Wolff and subsequently Gabriel LaFreniere, who both seem to be suggesting that the fundamental nature of matter is best described as a standing wave. The key websites are:

Milo Wolff:
Gabriel LaFreniere:

o     Cosmology: While there is a cosmology section, by and larger, it is a goal to restrict discussion to mainstream ideas, although direct challenges to its ideas are accepted. However, completely alternative models will be discussed in this section.
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