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The Philosophy Discussion Board:
For anybody simply arriving at this point from a search engine index, the main website references associated with this discussion board are:


Actually, this discussion board is not really addressing the subject of philosophy, per se, but rather issues associated with philosophical truth in conjunction with human nature. While it is people who make judgments about what is true and what is false, there is the belief that the notion of truth exists, albeit as an abstract concept, outside the changing worldviews of humanity.

A personal worldview is typically the collective result of education and indoctrination encompassing a mixture of theological beliefs, philosophical ideas and scientific facts. However, the actual ratio of the mix is normally governed by the social-religious-political makeup of the society in which that individual grows up. We often feel that indoctrination is something that happens to others, but look around and ask how much do you conform to the norms of your society?

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