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The Reality Discussion Board:
For anybody simply arriving at this point from a search engine index, the main website references associated with this discussion board are:


In the context of this discussion, the definition is broken down into three types: i.e. physical, virtual and artificial. First, it is argued that our current perception of physical reality might already be described as an illusion based on the following quote:

Quoted Text
Most of us believe that the world is full of light, colours, sounds, sweet tastes, noxious smells, ugliness, and beauty, but this is undoubtedly a grand illusion. Certainly the world is full of electromagnetic radiation, air pressure waves, and chemicals dissolved in air or water, but that non-biological world is pitch dark, silent, tasteless, and odourless. All conscious experiences are emergent properties of biological brains, and they do not exist outside of those brains.

If so, might we augment the illusion of the physical world to include the perception of virtual and artificial creations? Aspects of this discussion might also complement developments in AI, whereby augmentation of human senses might then allow computer simulation of enhanced reality to be seen & touched as if real. However, if any of these speculations are possible, then the more serious implication might be on the cohesion of society that becomes increasingly divided by different perceptions of reality.

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